Math Warriors S4, Episode 3. 

Recurring role of Math Intern 2/Penny

Penny doesn’t filter well when nervous...(3:59)

Season 5 now available!

Trailer for RUN. CATCH. KILL.


There’s a snippet of me in the trailer (1:12)

LearnCommonSense: PDA

Common Sense Educator

Ugh, the audacity.

The Rev. Bill and Betty Holland Show: I Talked to My Doctor

Pregnant Bimbo

Um, whatever

More to come...

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Math Warriors S5, Episode 5. 

Regular role of Math Intern 2/Penny

The Funky Functions face off with the Prisoners. 

My favorite episode to date!

The Crowdfunder Show

Season 6 Fundraising Campaign

Sums up Math Warriors quite nicely